Everything for the luxury Vegan Fashionista

Every month a box of all natural, organic, hand made and vegan skincare to wholesale prices. 

And to give it the luxury feel our stylists will include the perfect latest fashion jewelry statement piece. 

A box full of Luxury Vegan Cosmetic products and a statement Jewelry piece for any fashionista! 

Being vegan means living plant based. Not just regarding your food, but also how you treat your body and other areas of your life. 

Nowadays not just hippies and millennials are vegan, many successful people of all walks of life embrace the vegan lifestyle. Vegan doesn’t mean you have to walk around in Crocs. You can still be your trendy and stylish self, just being more conscious about the impact your choices make on.

Every month you will receive a box full of organic, natural and vegan cosmetic products. Each month will feature a different scent. And to feature your beautiful skin you will get an one of a kind statement fashion jewelry piece selected just for you by our personal stylist. 

Custom orders are possible as well.